Avoid using plastic containers before it's too late.

Source : (Meogiadinhhay.com)

Plastic items are cheap and convenient, so they are the first choice of most families today. However, there are many establishments that manufacture plastic utensils that are not quality tested so most of us can not know the quality of the plastic through their appearance. If you are using plastic food containers then you should probably read this article.

Vietnam is considered the landfill of the world, so most of the plastics that appear on the market are recycled plastic goods. Except for some brands with advanced manufacturing process and plastic plastics, advanced plastic products will be clean and safe. Low-cost plastics production facilities with uncontrolled production processes should be extremely high in metal and toxins. If we have a lot of exposure to these items in the long run, it will have a negative impact on our health.
So when you buy plastic utensils for use, especially plastic utensils that come in contact with food and water every day, you have to produce products of reputable manufacturers, with the source. Original plastic and plastic components on the product packaging. Except for the prestigious products, the producers have mind, the use of plastic containers of food crimes are very easy consequences for life.
There is no denying the convenience of using a plastic container, but if you know the harm, you may want to think again. Plastic containers for food if not plastic safe food should not be used because the plastic is very toxic, if the food, especially food containing grease will cause food poisoning. abdominal distention, vomiting. Also, during the pans in plastic utensils with safety plastic items, it is not advisable to store high temperature food in plastic containers.
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