Adobe's Executive Video Wall Experience

Designed and created by Array Interactive, a digital signage agency based in Silicon Valley, the digital signage video wall installation was designed to express Adobe’s brand promise—“changing the world through digital experiences.”

To the delight of visitors the wood magically retracts when they step into the space, followed by a high impact display of interactive motion graphics media controlled exclusively by their movement. Advanced 3D sensors from Panasonic, Adobe Air, and Adobe Flash Media Server were combined to make this all possible.

“The challenge was to express the essence of Adobe’s brand and what its technology enables in a metaphorical and unforgettable way,” said Jeff Dumo, an Array Interactive Partner and VP of Marketing & Sales.

“Credit Adobe for believing in the ability of digital signage to communicate what it stands for through a bold, new approach. It’s gratifying that numerous marketing and technology institutions have recognized the installation as innovative…”




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