Innoglim is
We are planning and producing advertising SIGNAGE, specialized environments, such as public facilities, the visual media that determine the corporate image of the center of professional talent in the field of environmental design.
A company that specializes in the construction. With the intention of "a new beginning and a challenge" in developing countries, based on the work performed and the experience in Korea with a focus on improving corporate image with the global trends and strives to develop a variety of research and technology.
Reasonably applied to local circumstances and the introduction of the latest technology and aims to maintain a partnership with our customers to share new technologies and services to customers while continuing to give satisfaction due to changes in product trends in a practical application.
As a partner, not a one-off performance of a lifetime, and you will receive added-value during planning session with customers.
Therefore, Meeting great expectation from customers will be leaving the company to higher growth without losing the original intention. Thank you.


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