LG launches the first air conditioner using Dual Inverter compressor

On April 28, 2016, LG has introduced to Vietnam market the new model of air conditioner using Dual Inverter compressor, equipped with the new breakthrough technology, helping save 70% energy and quck-cool 40% faster than conventional non-inverter ones. 

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A look at the digital signage resolutions in 2016

2015 was the big boom the digital signage industry had been waiting for, with many brands embracing the digital evolution by integrating digital signage and interactive digital solutions in-store. For those who have started their digital journey, well done — you are one step ahead of many. For those who haven't, or are just beginning the journey, make it your New Year's resolution to start now.

Enhance in-store engagement and drive your brand into the digital future, with these 2016 resolutions:

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LG Introduces 86-inch 'Ultra Stretch' Seven-Foot-Long Ultra HD Signage Display

On March 17, 2016, LG Electronics introduced an all-new "Ultra Stretch" digital signage solution (86BH5C) optimized for displaying dynamic digital content. The sleek, one-of-a-kind display offers a host of interactive features, making it an ideal solution for a wide array of installations including transportation, retail stores, banks and museums. 

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Old World vs New World "Programmatic is unstoppable"

There's no getting away from the unstoppable shift towards automated trading, but what does it mean for the buyers, the sellers, media owners, and traders?

And how do we make sure that the experience the customer gets remains relevant and premium?

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Mirror and Transparent displays are here

The other day a little piece of futuristic magic marvelled its way into our lives. We were just sitting around, casually lapping up all that is digital signage when we were hit with the wonderful news that magic mirrors are no longer the stuff of fairytales, they’re coming to a retail space near you. Those lovely technological wizards at Samsung have created a mirror OLED display. Just look at this beauty:

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